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The Public Services White Paper

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The Public Services White Paper of Yilan District Prosecutors Office




Integrity, performance, and convenience for people are administration objectives of government. People’s expectation and requirements on quality of government service are getting eager nowadays. Given the duties and responsibility such as crime detection and punishment execution, as well as national security reinforcement, maintenance of public safety and protection of people’s rights and interests that procuratorial authority is liable for, the Office realizes that every piece of administration by government shall subject to the will of the public, and a justice without fear is what people would expect, therefore, achievement of people’s expectation on fair justice is the goal that we strive for. Possessed a spirit of positivity in mind, the Office fulfills public services and fosters people’s trust on justice upon “people oriented” work philosophy.  



Service network for judicial protection of Yilan District Prosecutors Office




II.What we do for you ?

(1)Fulfill procuratorial work :

To manage criminal detection and criminal execution properly, swiftly and meticulously as per laws, not to do things wrong and let someone have his/her own way and maintain social security effectively.

1.Fulfill measures of “resentment exclusion plan”.

2.Carry through crackdown on crime and anti-corruption, enhance case handling performance.

3.Fulfill anti-drug strategies, reduce hazards of drugs

4.Crack down on gangers and criminal organizations

5.Reinforce investigation of forest protection, river sand and gravel mining cases

6.Actively crack down on counterfeit, protect intellectual property

7.Fight against civil crime

8.Reinforce investigation of women and children cases

9.Implement restorative justice plan

10.Reinforce use of deferred prosecution mechanism and signify justice

(2)Reconcile disputes and reduce lawsuit fatigue :

Reinforce counseling of mediation committees of various villages/towns/cities to handle and promote reconciliation business and facilitate social harmony.

(3)Promote probation work :

To understand the needs of people under custody through visit and interview, to moderately provide employment, medical treatment and home care related assistance, advocate legal education and reinforce public services to clearly signify soft care through judicial protection.

1.Counseling :

Respective interview and visit aided with a manner of group counseling adopted by the probation officer of the Office introduces to moderately provide employment, medical treatment and home care to effectively lead people under custody to return to the right track.

2.Supervision :

In addition to reinforcing report count and urine specimen collection, the police stations will also be notified by a letter for people under custody of drug cases and major criminal cases, to reinforce monitoring and control of them to prevent from committing another crime.

3.Legal advocacy :

Combine various authorities and communities within its jurisdiction to penetrate various communities, schools of Yilan County and to deal with anti-drug, anti-bribery and communities, law-related education at campus and related advocacy activities.

4.Drive social labor, compulsory labor :

The prison sentence for those who commit a misdemeanor can be replaced by compulsory labor of community service or social labor to create a triple-win.

5.Reinforce care by justice :

To be at people’s service upon the network of judicial protection and restorative justice options to honor the soft side of justice more.

6.Conduct community living camps :

Care the minority students at community living camp to reduce students drop out of school, and enable strength for crime prevention in the society.




Drive rehabilitation protection business :

Assist people discharged from prison to rehabilitate independently, adapt to social life, offer direct, indirect and temporary protection measures to prevent from committing another crime.

1.In order to assist female ex-convicts who violate Drug Prevention and Control Act or females who stay in rehabilitation center; making them settle down temporarily and quit heart addiction with proper care and mental counseling rendered to them to acquire complete development in terms of spirit, physics and character and to return to family and social life. Combined with social resources, a half-way house “corner house” is established to apply employment counseling, skill training and career life planning and establish family support service system to persons who stay in rehabilitation center, with transfer and settle-down (direct protection) provided for those elderly or cases with physical and mental disability. 

2.Offer indirect protection aided with employment, studying, medical treatment, home care, emergency rescue and other appropriate assistances to ex-convicts.

3.Offer temporary protection to ex-convicts, e.g.: fund traveling expenses, supply ticket, fund medical expenses, assist registration of permanent residence, fund catering expenses, escort to permanent residence or other proper locations or assist small loan for starting a business etc.


4.“Scale Cooperative Store” online auction program : release “Scale Cooperative Store” to make use of skills of ex-convicts along with “online sales platform” established by “victim” to sell products of their own. In addition to assisting them in getting out of living difficulty, which expects to fix the ex-convict-victim relationship and to attain active purpose of “restorative justice”. This is also one of the service plans created for both parties in Taiwan unprecedentedly.


5.Supportive service plan to ex-convict families : for those ex-convicts who have a need in receiving service, aided with contact and reconstruction of family relationship to foster positive contact between ex-convict and family, and assist people discharged from prison in dealing with self- problem solving ability.  


Association for Victims Support, Yilan branch

(5)Set up Crime Victim Compensation Review Committee :

Protect crime victim, issue and assist in application of crime victim compensation.

(6)Help promote tasks of Association for Victims Support :

1.Provide proper assistance to crime victims after detection, during the trial and after trial, e.g.: “visit and greeting”, “legal assistance”, “assist in investigation”, “medical services”, “ compensation application, “social assistance”, “life reconstruction”, “trust management”, “emergency aid”, “hospice”, “safety protection”, “mental counseling”, “issuing of written guarantee”, “inquiry of consultation”, “terminal care” and related matters.

2.Drive restorative justice :

Enable a chance between the victim and the offender to state respective experiences from personal viewpoints, to hear feelings of the opposite party, to allow doubt of oneself to acquire answer, lay down resentment and feud, learn to forgive the offender while there is a chance for the offender to express his/her apology and to take responsibility directly, so as to establish and reinforce a harmonious relationship and further a recovery and reconstruction of relationship.

3.Provide guidance to victims to start their own businesses with “Scale Cooperative Store” online auction platform established : to increase good impression of “victim” on ex-convict through professional assistance to ex-convict, to improve former and existing stereotype, to fix the relationship in between and to achieve cooperation with mutual benefits that complements each other.


The services we reinforce and put into effect     


III.     We fulfill services we offer

(1)Establish center for public services

1.Fulfill service function by decentralization of responsibility.

2.People oriented and implement spirit of service.

3.One counter that enhances service performance.

4.Reinforce quality of service by person-specific service.

(2)Service oriented philosophy

1.The principle of careful management :

Pay attention to the need of every citizen upon positive attitude to properly and swiftly manage and solve it smoothly

2.The principle of professional management :

Reinforce the professional competence of person-in-charge, to provide

citizen correct and satisfactory services swiftly.

3.The principle of two-way communications:

To communicate face to face with sincere and amiable attitude, understand

needs of the public to facilitate business coordination and management of


4.The principle of sympathy :

Listen with heart, acknowledge citizens’ sentiment, brief and explain with


(3)Think highly of quality of service

1.Set up e-mailbox for administration reform to timely conduct questionnaire survey on citizens to enhance quality of service.

2.Conduct seminar to broadly recruit opinions of the public.

3.View intelligence collected by various newspapers, magazines and media and pay attention to responses of public sentiments, host review meeting to improve in a good time.

4.Conduct job training for public services, reinforce employees’ professional competence, enhance service attitude comprehensively.

5.Study and drive new measures that offer great convenience to people : e.g. set up a path specifically for the conversation room for victim and witness, question waiting room related measures, or the public will be able to retrieve material evidence or bail during holidays or off work hours measures.

6.Irregular visit, give a test on Office staff and various locations at service, reinforce attendance management, fulfill deputy system and strictly assess outcomes of services.


We provide you direct services


IV.We provide you direct services

(1)Value services for petition cases :

1.Deal with public petition properly and swiftly.

2.Immediate management and response to public petition.

3.Assign person-specific to service you at home if necessary.

(2)Assist services for petition cases :

1.Manage and get back to public petition case within certain timeframe

2.Provide example manuscripts for the public.

3.Set up written stationery and tables/chairs to facilitate use of the public.

4.Simplify petition procedure, accept petition by phone from the public.

(3)Drive e-services

      (http://www.auth.moj.gov.tw): free application is available online to facilitate information delivery.

1.Provide ID verification of applicant/petitioner.

2.Provide auto email reply of application progress

3.Provide inquiry of application progress.

4.Provide sample application form.

5.Inquiry of inspector’s court sessions

(4)Implement various convenient measures to people

1.Set up bilingual service indication

2.Install e-ticker to advocate related convenient services for people.

3.Set up office-duty inspector & inspector on duty e-display system to facilitate public inquiry.

4.Set up one contact window : document collection, paper collection, lawsuit counseling, return bail, dispatch travelling expenses of witness, simplify work flow so as to enhance service efficiency.

5.Set up justice volunteer helpdesk to actively guide the people.

6.In addition to required measures in center for public services, there are example manuscript counter, example manuscript, writing stationery, reading glasses, procedure card for to-do-items and manual to service the public.

7.Set up inspector’s email to broadly receive public opinion and respond to public’s needs immediately.

8.court session display system outside inquiry session is installed to allow the person concerned to master time.

9.Books & magazines with legal knowledge of law and government’s policy advocacy events played for persons involved to view in the rest area for.

10.No office closure in the nighttime: paper collection, presentment, release on bond, to the custody of another and travelling expenses of witness. (to be managed by Prosecutor Office of the Office)

11.Handicapped wheelchairs are prepared for handicapped or injured persons.

12.Handicapped restroom is set for handicapped or people with disabilities.

13.Wheelchair ramp and special service bell set outside the entrance for handicapped and people with disabilities

14.Set up justice volunteer information counter that helps the Office to conduct inquiry and guidance job.


We value your precious opinions


V. We value your precious opinions

Any suggestions or feedbacks to our services are welcomed; we would certainly be open for this and improve accordingly if there is any. Please feel free to advise any of your precious and innovative suggestions.


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