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Q: B usually sleeps late and feel burned-out. One day his friend C tell him secretly about there is one thing can let him refresh and after sniffing can have live for hundreds years. C takes and burn a little bit of white crystallize thing to B sniffs. As expected, B is full energy and can stay overnight. However, B must to sleep one day one night when the drug effect wears off, and he even can not wake up when there is thunder outside (The thing is called Amphetamine). B needs Amphetamine to keep him awake everyday, but Amphetamine is very expensive he doesn’t have enough income. Therefore, he borrows money everywhere and debts are more and more. Therefore, he sold his fourteen- and twelve-years old daughters to payback and built the big house. He joined the group of selling drug. Ask what offenses does B have?

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  • Last updated:2021-01-30
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1. B will be sent to execution for Rehabilitation for sniffing Amphetamine. According to the new law, Amphetamine is the Class 2 drug, so selling Amphetamine is felony.
2. B sold his daughters in order to sniff Amphetamine and debt refunding. He violates Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act and sentences to felony.

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