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Criminal Investigations and Execution of Judgement

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  • Last updated:2019-01-11
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(l)    Criminal  Investigation

   l. The purpose of investigation conducted by prosecutors is to collect

     criminal  evidence  so  as  to  understand  whether  there  is  any

     suspicion on crime. Based on his/her authority, the prosecutors shall

     decide whether a public prosecution shall be presented or not. If a

     prosecutor,   based   on   complaint,   information,   or   voluntary

     surrender, or for any other reason, such as cases transferred from

     judicial police, direction from superior organization, letters from

     other  organizations, knowledge from  other  cases, suspects the

     crime having been commit, he/she shall immediately initial an

     investigation of the crime and the relevant evidence.

   2.When a prosecutor encounters deceased person not due to sickness

     or if there is doubt that the death is not caused by illness, then

     examination shall be conducted immediately together with coroner

     or inspector. lf it is discovered that there is suspicion on crime,

     then necessary investigation should be continued, and if there is

     necessity for autopsy on corpse, then the forensic medical expert

     shall take charge of the autopsy.

(2)    Execution of Criminal Judgement

      After  the  Judgement on the criminal  case  is  convicted,  the

     prosecutor  shall conduct  the execution  based  on law so as  to

     execute the penalty power of the country.There is  enforcement

     section in this office that  manages  the  implement  of  criminal

     judgement, including  execution  of life imprisonment,  fixed-term

     imprisonment,forced labor service, fine, deprivation of civil rights,

     forfeiture, safety protection disposal. For the execution  of death

     sentence, because  the  accused  are all detained in the  detention

     center of Taiwan High Prosecutors Office or the Branches, it is the

     prosecutors from Taiwan High Prosecutors Office or the Branches

     who shall carry out this execution.

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