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History(Yilan District Prosecutors’ Office)
Yilan Prosecutors’ Office is in Yilan City,Yilan county,Taiwan.Yilan City is in the middle of Yilan County. Yilan County is located on Taiwan’s northeast corner with the Pacific Ocean to its east and the Central Mountains to its north. Between these two natural boundaries lies the county’s Lanyang Plain. The county neighbors Taipei County in the north, Tao-Yuan and Hsin-Chu Counties in the west, and Tai-Chung and Hua-Lien Counties in the south. Yilan County is surrounded with mountains on the north, west and south sides, the Pacific Ocean is on the east side. Most inhabitants in Yilan County are engaged in agriculture and fishery. The people are honest and diligent. The social are safe and secure. During the days of Japanese domination, civil and criminal cases of Yilan area were under the jurisdiction of Taipei District Court Yilan branch & Prosecutor Bureau.
1. 1945:Original name
When Japan retroceded Taiwan to the R.O.C(Republic of China, Taiwan as known) in 1945,Taiwan High Court(Appeal Court) dispatched Huang Liang(Taipei District Prosecutor)to take over the matters concerned of Yilan Bureau of Taipei District Prosecutor on December,24th,1945, and changed the name to「Yilan Branch of Taipei District Court」.
2. 1947:Upgrade and Expansion
On March, 1st ,1947, Yilan Branch of Taipei District Court upgraded to「Yilan Prosecutors office of Yilan District Court」,and it was expanded the organization to deal with increasingly professional works, the office was still in the former place (No.51,Rd. wei shui,Yilan County) .
3. 1962:Rebuilt
A violent Typhoon named Ou Po raided on Yilan County area in August,1962, caused severe damages. The storm destroyed the office building that was made by the aged wood, As a result, the office moved to the Yilan County Government Library to carry on their work. In the meantime, a special fund was applied to rebuild a two stories office building at the former place. Seven months later, the construction was completed and was in operation in Octorber,1963. The whole area of the new office building is 617 ping(1 ping equals to 36 square feet),The new building looked magnificent, both Yilan District Court and Yilan Prosecutors have been sharing the new office building.
4. 1981:Expansion 1
For the reasons of increasing workload and clerks, the space in the office was not adequate. Therefore, two period budget in 1981 and 1982 were been set to built another new office building at the former address(including a basement),The total area of new built office building is 690 ping (both Yilan District Court and Yilan Prosecutors have been sharing the new office building till now.), the expanded area was used for the conference room, the file room, the booty and the garage etc.
5. 1987:Expansion 2
The office building was expanded again in 1987.The construction was started on January 8th, 1988, and it was finished in December1988 as on schedule, the expansion helped to solved the problem of insufficient space in the office. It has a great benefit for increasing work efficiency and has settled the accommodation problem of the single staff.
6. 1989:Yilan District Prosecutors’ Office
On December 24th,1989, Court Organic Law was revised, the organization and the name has been changed :The name of the organization has been changed to 「Yilan District Prosecutors’ Office」,and the organization has been subordinate to Ministry of Justice(not subordinate to Judicial Yuan as before).

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