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※Jurisdiction Area
The jurisdiction Area of Yilan Prosecutors Office include the whole Yilan county, the area is 2137 square kilometers, The population is approximately 460000,Yilan County is divided into 12 sections, which are Yi-lan、Luo-dong、Su-ao、Tou-cheng、Jiao-xi Xiang.、Zhuang-wei、Yuan-shan、Wu-jie、Dong-shan 、Nan-ao、San-xing、Da-tong . Yilan County Police Bureau sets up 5 branch bureaus: Yilan、Luo-dong、Su-ao、Jiao-xi、San-xing. Owing to the long and narrow seacoast line, vast sea area, criminal cases of drug, smuggle and illegal immigration from PRC area have increased a lot, Therefore, we especially coordinate the related unit to watch out for guarding against crime, and to keep the coast defenses safe and secure.

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