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To eradicate green cockroaches, the Yilan District Prosecutors' Office has established a task force

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  • Last updated:2024-03-29
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In order to curb the resistance to the development of renewable energy, namely the "feedline cockroach" and the "green energy cockroach", which hinder the progress of the green energy industry, the Yilan District Prosecutors' Office convened the "113th Anti-Crime Coordination Platform Meeting for Hindering the Development of Green Energy Industry" on March 28, 113. The meeting was attended by judicial police, officials from various departments including the police, investigators, integrity officers, representatives from the Yilan County Government, and Taiwan Power Company. The aim is to utilize this coordination platform to assist administrative agencies in rooting out corrupt government officials, representatives, and underworld figures who extort construction companies.

Yilan District Prosecutor Huang Zhiyong stated that according to data from the High Prosecutors' Office, from 2021 to September 2023, the prosecution has investigated 108 cases of crimes hindering the development of the green energy industry. Furthermore, green energy industry crimes, which were previously concentrated in the central and southern regions, have shown a trend of extending to the northern regions. Therefore, the office proactively met with the Yilan County Government, Taiwan Power Company, and other agencies. This meeting was convened with the participation of prosecutors, police, integrity officers, industrial and commercial entities, and Taiwan Power Company to strengthen investigative capabilities and deter unlawful activities.

During the meeting, the Yilan County Government's Department of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism presented a special report on the current status of green energy promotion in Yilan County. Additionally, Chief Prosecutor Chen Yilong delivered a special report on "Patterns of Unlawful Activities Hindering Green Energy". Through the coordination platform, attendees exchanged views and reached a consensus. It is hoped that the coordination platform can play a role in timely reporting and investigating, ensuring that the green energy industry is free from undue interference and that the rights and interests of the public are fully protected.

Prosecutor Huang Zhiyong also urged the public to bravely expose unlawful activities and report them. Informants who help uncover corruption crimes may receive rewards of up to tens of millions of dollars. Measures to protect informants have already been established, and it is emphasized not to turn a blind eye to wrongdoing, lest those with malicious intentions take advantage of loopholes in the law for personal gain.

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