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Prompt investigation urged for watermelon knife attack case, court approves detention of 4 suspects.

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  • Last updated:2024-04-23
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Prosecutor Guo Hsinyi of this office directed the Yilan County Government Police Bureau Yilan Branch to investigate the case of a stabbing incident that occurred at around 9:18 p.m. on April 16, 113th year of the Republic of China, at the intersection of Xianzheng Road and County Road Nine in Yilan City, Yilan County. The investigation team executed search warrants issued by the Taiwan Yilan District Court and detention warrants issued by the prosecutor successively on April 17th and 18th, bringing Jiang, the principal suspect, and defendants Zhang, Zhu, and Li to the court, and arrested defendant Jian on the spot. After interrogation, the prosecutor found Jiang, Zhang, Zhu, and Jian guilty of carrying weapons with the intent to use them in public places where three or more people gathered, aiding and abetting in assault, attempted murder, and injury, among other charges. Due to the seriousness of the suspicions and the risk of evidence tampering and collusion among accomplices, the prosecutor applied for and was granted detention. Defendant Li was informed by the prosecutor to post bail of NT$50,000 pending trial. Previously, defendant Jiang had a dispute with the victim surnamed Wu over a trivial matter, resulting in enmity between them. Knowing that Wu intended to visit this office, defendant Jiang, along with defendants Zhang, Zhu, Jian, Li, and another individual whose identity is unknown, rode in two privately-owned cars, carrying a watermelon knife and an iron rod. At the intersection of Xianzheng Road and County Road Nine, they intercepted the motorcycle ridden by Wu and another victim surnamed You, and proceeded to injure Wu's arm and You's head and back with the weapons. Fortunately, emergency medical personnel received the report and rushed You to the hospital for treatment before any fatalities occurred. This office urges swift and severe punishment by both this office and judicial police for violent crimes that endanger public safety, in order to maintain social order and safeguard the lives of citizens.

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